Lamaze for Parents

Everyone’s journey from pregnancy through birth to parenthood is unique – and it by nature is transformative! Lamaze serves as a trusted guide along the way with all of our recommendations firmly grounded in the latest research. Our goal is simple: We want you to feel confident asking questions and making informed decisions, and comfortably taking control of your journey.

Lamaze Labor, Birth, and Breastfeeding Bundle
This bundle includes our three most popular classes, Safe and Healthy Birth: Six Simple Steps, Labor Pain Management: Techniques for Comfort and Coping, and Breastfeeding Basics.
Safe and Healthy Birth: Six Simple Steps
Lamaze has simplified the scientific facts into Six Healthy Birth Practices to make it easy for you to choose the safest care, understand your options, and steer clear of care practices or unnecessary interventions that may not be the best for you and your baby.
Labor Pain Management: Techniques for Comfort and Coping
As you get ready for your upcoming birth, you will want to have a variety of comfort measures and coping techniques in your labor toolbox so that you and your support team can be as prepared as possible.
Breastfeeding Basics
As comforting and healthy as breastfeeding/chestfeeding can be, it is not always easy in the first few weeks while recovering from birth.
Free: Labor Confidence with Lamaze
Lamaze wants to empower you and help you prepare for one of the most important days of your life - your baby's birth day!